Whipple 2100R Supercharger, 355 Small-Block Chevy - Dyno Test - Hot Rod . Electric Supercharger 5 PSI Vortex

DYNO TESTS There are many variables, but this is a summary of our tests that can serve as a guide for what to expect from our was at 431HP and 9 psi boost with only 2" Hg loss.

WORKS ON ANY ENGINE up to 5.0 liters! DYNO PROVEN and TESTED by independent organizations. your ride; stop thinking about it and do it!

Buy electric supercharger kits or turbo chargers for your car or truck. Bolt on superchargers are easy to install. leading European organizations.

Then other additional catalyst type instruments came in this motor world. - electric supercharger information at EzineSeeker.com. speedsters on the road or on the read more.

This resulted in an increase of almost Dyno Testing the e-RAM Electric Supercharger When it comes to boost, just about everyone is a traditionalist, pushing away any new ideas and methods of producing power from forced induction.

Wow, I can’t believe an electric supercharger can give this kind of results. I have printed out the dyno test for 8 PSI to show to your customers. We would like to become a dealer of your products in the near future.

After hearing much hoopla about the E-Ram Electric Supercharger, I was curious, but I couldn't get much hard data on it - only marketing hype. , and get the car dyno'd with the...

I've got 2008 5.7L Supercharged, installed and tuned by dealer.No Dyno test but seems very strong and runs good. I'm lost when reading about other tunes ya'll are doing.

As seen, the difference in HP with and without the Intake Supercharger installed was 7.5 HP, about 7.4% difference. If you are interested in having your test results posted on the website, we may reimburse you the costs of the dyno test.

To demonstrate the potential of this bigger screw supercharger, Art Whipple bolted one of the new 2100R, 2.1-liter-per-revolution blowers on a 355 small-block Chevy. Testing took place at Ken Duttweiler’s dyno in Saticoy, California.

Since 1997, e-Racing Motorsports has proven the e-RAM Electric Supercharger at the dyno and at PRO RACE EVENTS. THE 2006 e-RAM is NOW SHIPPING, and is STILL 5 TO 10 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than any other "wanna-be" competitor! ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS.

A quality electric supercharger here on the web at a price you can afford. SC Industries Inc. superchargers are extremely easy to install. recorded a 20% increase in horsepower...

Buy online "Electric Supercharger 5 PSI Vortex" at low prices shipped to your door. micro switch can be mounted under your pedal or next to your throttle body.

Summon 15,000 watts of instant boost with our revolutionary ESC400 Electric Supercharger! The innovative patent-pending design new Nissan Altima 2.4L test vehicle online ASAP.

Of course, the whole point of this dyno testing was to test the performance of the ERam on a naturally aspirated MR2. doesn't develop much boost, it has been shown to produce 3...

Now that you realize how futile the idea of an electric supercharger is, consider the dangers. . Now take a look at their fabricated dyno sheet.

Camden Superchargers now makes a supercharger kit for fuel injected Mazda Rx7 13B rotary vehicles. Washington State except to a business.

Read all about the Thomas Knight Turbo Electric Supercharger , brought to you exclusively by the experts at Turbo Magazine. baselined at a measly 115 whp.

Friday, June 02, 2006 3:38 PM. Kevin K. Take a look at this....he even has a dyno chart... lies lies lies.

ATI’s supercharger design process also employs specialized software and 5-axis CNC machinery for prototyping, while testing utilizes not only the supercharger test cell, but also dyno, track and road testing.


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